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Food4Plastic For Waste Collectors

A small step, incentivizing the informal waste collectors of Dharavi. Figuratively, a week’s food supply for a family of five in lieu of recycling the plastic. ACORN India provides the infrastructure and the resources to support.

Education Project

Education is the transmission of civilization, and ACORN through its various initiatives and partnerships is providing a platform to these children of lesser means the opportunity to propel themselves to an employable life. Be it Mandala art, origami, guitar or drums in the creative fields or spoken English and mental maths, through the volunteer placements we have been able to provide a consistent platform for learning.

American School Bombay

Engagement With Children

American School Bombay BKC, towards its CSR activity organizes a 2-hour club activity, every Thursday with our community children of Dharavi. Kids from the ACORN Foundation, ranging from standard 4-9th, participate in these activities weekly. Together engaging in activities and games such as basketball, football, solve the maze, etc. These activities have helped break the communication hesitancies between children from different parts of our society.

Roof Repair Initiative

ACORN is hosting an initiative where students from the American School have visited the community to assess the requirements and cost of repairing the roof of the homes in the community. Then developing innovative solutions and raising the resource funds to repair the roofs before the monsoons. 



The Adolescent Girls Health and Hygiene project is a joint effort put forward by The Society for Services to Voluntary Agencies (SOSVA) and the ACORN Foundation, India which is being implemented in Dharavi, Mumbai.
The target beneficiaries are from the underserved and marginalized communities of Dharavi. These are adolescent girls aged between 10-16 years of age. The sessions have been conducted with the aid of free access-related informative material. There have been focused group discussions on healthcare needs,challenges faced, opinions of the suitability and acceptability of various existing products, and the support needed. These sessions have had a positive impact leading to an improvement in their knowledge and awareness.
We have held Awareness Sessions in 5 Schools in Dharavi with an outreach of 600 plus adolescent girls.

Dharavi Rocks

Since its establishment in 2010, the band, which creates music on recycled drums, has performed with established musicians at more than 500 shows all over India. This project has empowered children from families with few means and limited access to resources, allowing them to dream of changing their lives and being part of India’s success story in the creative arts.

Visit the Dharavi Rocks Facebook page

EdelGive SOSVA Dharavi School Music Education Program

Music education is a powerful tool that can contribute to improving emotional health, instilling discipline, and promoting gender equality.
To introduce music education that exposes the children and youth of Dharavi to highly disciplined, yet fun-filled training in producing music, the Society for Services to Voluntary Agencies (SOSVA) started the Dharavi School Music Project in 5 schools in Dharavi with the target of 200 students. Under the program, the students are being tutored by the Dharavi Rocks band members who are the trainers. The project is being funded by the EdelGive Foundation.
Our main objective of implementing the project has been to :
•  Making Music Education Accessible to children of the underserved community in Dharavi.
•  Positively Impacting the Socio-emotional well-being of the students of the drumming class.
•  Inculcate the importance of creative arts training in schools of the underserved community.

Women's Group Discussion

A monthly group discussion happens at the ACORN community centre where the waste collector women are given a space to share their thoughts and ideas to better their plight. These meetings are organised by the team members of ACORN for the women waste collectors, to provide a platform for them to voice their problems or queries and have them addressed actually.

Health Initiatives

The Adolescent Girls Health and Hygiene Project is a joint effort put forward by the Society for Service to Voluntary Agencies (SOSVA), and the ACORN Foundation India which is being implemented in Dharavi, Mumbai.  The Project looks to equip.

Children's Nutrition

Thursday is an anticipated day at the ACORN Community center in Dharavi. 200 packets of fresh white bread are received every Thursday and the community staff helps distribute this to the Ragpickers and its members.

Eye Camp

Our community centre in Dharavi, Mumbai, hosted free Eye Camps conducted by Vision RX Lab under their CSR activity. They have been doing free Eye Check-up camps and providing beneficiaries with free spectacles as required. We were able to provide 50+ beneficiaries with free eye check up and spectacles.

The Young Tech Entrepreneur Program

ACORN Foundation in collaboration with The Innovation Story (TIS), an Ed-Tech organisation whose mission is to empower students with future of work skills and transform them into passionate innovators, offered a program, “The Young Tech Entrepreneurs”, to the under-served community of SC students in the Schools of Dharavi.

The program was for the students of 8-12th grade. 35 students from 3 Schools (Kamrajar Memorial High School, St. Anthony’s High School, Gandhi Memorial High School) participated in a 6-day boot camp.

Students learnt through both online and offline, hands-on sessions. The program will culminate in a robotics challenge like “Shark Tank” where these students will participate in teams of 5. Each participating student will receive a certificate from IIT Hub, Delhi and The Innovation Hub.

Innovation LAB 13

C13 Lab ,an experimental learning space and ecological lab based in Dharavi. It explores the issues of work, waste and survival in the 21st century. It uses arts-based methods to establish an experimental learning.

Visit the Compound Lab13 website

UN Live Container Project

UN Live is a borderless, unconventional museum for the people and for the world. Currently present in 25 locations across the globe, these are repurposed shipping containers, with large screens and high-quality audio, stationed allow people.

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